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Diaper Bag Essentials

How Do Moms of Multiples Pack A Diaper Bag?

As an expecting mom or mom of newborns, a lot of things run through our heads. We are constantly making sure we have all our bases covered; items bought, clothes washed, bottles ready. We are doing it all before our little nugget even makes their debut. For moms of multiples, our to-do is pretty much the same, except those tasks involve double/triple/quadruple the number of items. Instead of doing one load of newborn clothes, chances are there will be several loads to wash, fold and put away. Instead of making sure to buy one highchair, you better make that two (or more). However, we’ll save buying baby items for another day. When it comes to diaper bag essentials, how do we figure out what we really need to pack in singles, doubles or more? There are some key essential items that may seem obvious but to a new mom, especially with multiples, we would like to help you out a little. Mom's brain, the changes in hormones, lack of sleep can sometimes work against us. The struggle is real sometimes and we are going to add the obvious and maybe some not so obvious. 😊 We consulted with some of our seasoned moms of multiples to help compile a list of diaper bag essentials!

  • Diapers - at least a full day’s worth for all babies

  • Wipes – body wash wipes for mom/dad are handy

  • Diaper cream- those rashes can sneak up, especially on a hot day.

  • Burp cloths – you’d be surprised how handy these can be for all sorts of things!!

  • Hand sanitizer – helpful for mom/dad as well as when babies start eating more solids.

  • Change of clothes for each kid, including extra socks. Consider an extra t-shirt for mom/dad for messy feedings or spit-up.

  • Children’s Benadryl – good to have especially when they start eating more solid foods. Check with your pediatrician for age and dosing instructions.

  • Doggie bags – or small trash bags, for dirty diapers or clothes.

  • Extra feeding supplies – bibs, bottles, suction plates/bowls; dependent on age.

As our littles get older or seasons change (luckily Phoenix only has two seasons), the contents in the diaper bag will also change. When they transition into eating solid foods, snacks are always helpful to have. Don’t forget about the potty training phase, diapers will turn into clean underwear and extra pants. Phoenix summers are at least 6 months long and the sun is always shining. Sunscreen and hats can find their way into the diaper bag essential. Your diaper bag essentials may be different depending on your routine, schedule and lifestyle. When my twins were born, I became a stay-at-home mom. I only used my diaper bag when running errands or other outings. Our working moms whose littles are in daycare/caregiver’s require more essential items regularly. Some circumstances do not require immediate attention. It would be easier for me to change my kid when I got home from the grocery store had they spit up a little. If they had a massive blow out, I surely wouldn’t wait until I got home to change them. If your babies are in daycare, you wouldn’t want them to sit in spit-up or poop all day therefore a change of clothes is necessary. Family and friends' advice can be helpful, but what you need may differ. Share your essentials in the comments to help an expecting or new mom. Share your toddler bag essentials for our upcoming post.

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